Youth Speak Green

Amplifying youth voices in the community and creating environmental heros

Green Door Strives To Inspire The Next Generation

The Green Door Initiative (GDI) serves underrepresented youth in Detroit through its Champions Owning Detroit’s Environment (CODE-Green) Program. Our goal is to amplify youth voices in the community while creating environmental heros.

Summer Youth Employment

The summer youth employment program focuses on exposing underserved youth to the career options found within the Natural Resources, Environmental and Green Collar sectors. Participates will receive instruction on Job Readiness including resume development, work ethics, proper interview methods,team building and leadership development. In addition, time is spent developing Construction Skills, Water Sampling and Monitoring, Beach Monitoring, Invasive Species Removal and Camp Infrastructure Improvement.

Citizen Science (All about Air, All about water)

Citizen Science is an approach that assist impacted communities with environmental problem identification. GDI equips young people with the skills to monitor the air, water and other areas for the improvement of their community. Places like Detroit consistently fail to meet the US Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air and Safe Drinking Water Acts. Citizen Science is a recognized approach to solve those problems.

Climate Organizers Leading Detroit

Green Door Initiative’s Climate Organizers Leading Detroit (COLD) Project is a youth leadership development training focused on climate change. Students will learn about the climate challenges facing them in Detroit and how to participate in the policy processes that influence what our future climate will look like. This hands-on curriculum blends environmental and social sciences with civic and community engagement for a holistic approach to interpreting and shaping our environment. 

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